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The idea for aBigMe started with a family of five brothers who all loved sports... 

The idea for BigMe started with a family of five brothers who all loved sports. When we were young, we developed a passion for athletics. We played in our basement, on our driveway, in our yard and, despite our parents’ admonitions, in our living room. Wherever there was a ball, there was a game! When we weren’t actually playing sports, we were watching them on television. We all had our favorite teams and our bedrooms were decorated with posters of our favorite players.

As we got older, we joined community teams and school teams, and all went on to play in college. But during those early years, we used to imagine what it would be like to be a famous athlete whose picture was on a poster. Our parents took plenty of pictures of us at games, holding tournament trophies or wearing a ribbon. How great it would be, we thought, if those pictures could be made into life-size posters! 
Well, now they can be! Today, because of advancements in technology such as high resolution digital cameras and self-adhesive vinyl, we can make our childhood dream come true for the athletes in our family and your, no matter what age they are.  

BigMe is owned by the Krause family. We hope that our product adds to your family’s enjoyment of the sports your sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, grandchildren and grandparents play. We would have loved to commemorate our grandfather’s hole-in-one with a poster of him swinging his golf club. Now you can commemorate any memorable occasion with a BigMe poster.  From our family to yours – enjoy the memories!


BigMe delivered everything they promised and advised along the whole process. What a wall poster! Thank you”


Soccer Mom 

“What a great gift.  So glad I found

Tad F.

Pic Dude 

Thank you BigMe!


BigMe Fan 

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